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Stephen Colbert Interviews GM’s Bob Lutz on the Chevy Volt and Global Warming

September 17th, 2008 by Max Gladwell · 6 Comments

The Colbert Report interviews GM Vice Chairman and global warming skeptic Bob Lutz on the new 2011 Chevy Volt.

Bob Lutz is GM’s Vice Chairman and one of the world’s more high-profile global warming skeptics. Stephen Colbert invites him on the show to talk about the recently unveiled 2011 Chevy Volt. Lutz mentions that one of the options will be a photovoltaic roof panel for recharging the batteries or running the AC, much like the 2009 Toyota Prius. To which Colbert responds, “Can I actually charge this thing by plugging it into the cigarette lighter in my Hummer?”

On the subject of global warming, the two have some light back and forth:

Colbert: Why not just call this the Chevy Gore? You don’t believe global warming is real, you’ve said so.

Lutz: I accept that the planet is heated, but I, like many noted scientists, I don’t believe in the CO2 theory.

Colbert: Exactly! I just think that people are leaving their toaster ovens open. [Or] it’s just sun-spot activity.

Lutz: In the opinon of about 32,000 of the world’s leading scientists, yes.

We have no idea where Lutz gets the 32K figure. We’ve heard about the 400 scientists, which turned out to be 19. What’s so puzzling, however, about Lutz’s position and his citation of supposed scientists is that Big Oil has had these “scientists” on the payroll for the better part of a decade, specifically so they could promote this very skepticism. As we wrote in How to Debate Climate Change, “Most are aware that Big Oil supports disinformation campaigns and that it’s paying scientists to write articles undercutting the broad consensus on climate change.”

The irony is that Lutz and his ilk are buying this Big Oil propaganda. Meanwhile, his company’s cozy relationship with Big Oil has lead them to the verge of bankruptcy, unless American taxpayers come through with a bailout. The supreme irony is that the bailout is to help GM meet efficiency standards that it needs to achieve anyway to stay competitive with foreign automakers. When will they learn?

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