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Uniting the World on YouTube…in Dance

June 29th, 2008 by Max Gladwell · 35 Comments

A guy named Matt inspires us to think about how we’re all connected–one earth, one humanity–through YouTube and a goofy dance.

We’ve written many times that social media has the power to change the world. That it is a tremendous force for good. In fact, it is the people who use social media that make it what it is and give it this potential.

The following video is profound, funny, and inspiring. It moved us to tears and gives us hope. Uploaded on June 20th, it’s received more than three million views already. Thanks to @mobienthusiast for the Tweet. If you go to the YouTube page, you can also view in higher quality.

Where the hell is Matt?

“[Matt] realized his bad dancing wasn’t actually all that interesting, and that other people were much better at being bad at it. He showed them his inbox, which, as a result of his semi-famousness, was overflowing with emails from all over the planet. He told them he wanted to travel around the world one more time and invite the people who’d written him to come out and dance too.

The Stride people thought that sounded like yet another very good idea, so they let him do it. And he did. And now it’s done. And he hopes you like it.

Matt lives in Seattle, Washington with his girlfriend, Melissa, and dog, Sydney. He hasn’t had a real job since Stride called him up. Matt doesn’t mind working, but he doesn’t much care for having to show up at the same place every day.

Matt is not rich. Matt also doesn’t have some magical secret for traveling cheaply. He does it pretty much the same way everybody else does.

Matt thinks Americans need to travel abroad more.”

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