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Creative Citizen: A Green Wiki Community

May 20th, 2008 by Max Gladwell · 9 Comments, The Green Wiki, Launches its Public Beta

We started testing Creative Citizen (CC) in private beta about a month ago. With a substantial redesign, the company announced its official beta launch today.

CC is based on wiki platform that enables users to post and adopt green solutions such as Avoid Bottled Water, Buy Local Food, and Work from Home/Telecommute. Each solution is quantified in terms of how much water, waste, energy, and/or dollars it saves when implemented. A personal “greenage” total is tallied on one’s profile page, while the aggregate of the community can be found on the Citizens page. The community can contribute to or edit the solutions with research and links to further refine them, and one can attain “expert” status by proving one as such in certain areas.

Below is the official press release and video tutorial. today announced the public launch of the action-based Green Wiki after a short period in private beta. Creative Citizen informs people about how to care for the environment and save money in the process. is a new breed of collaborative website that enables users to create, share and adopt Creative Solutions for eco-friendly living. Creative Solutions are tips, green products, habits, and services that reduce environmental waste. Viewers can find solutions on a wide variety of topics that experts or the general community have posted such as “Kill Junk Mailers” or “Video or Teleconference.” takes advantage of the competitive nature of humans for the greater good through a game-like interface where users can score points for various activities on the site – such as posting or updating Creative Solutions.

Anyone can use the site to facilitate the growth of knowledge for sustainable living, through its wiki-model platform and track the positive environmental effects of the solutions they pledge to adopt, also called their Personal CC Effect. Positive impact is tracked through savings of water, energy, emissions, waste, and money. The savings of the entire Creative Citizen community are tracked through a numerical indicator called the Global CC Effect.

Creative Citizen also encourages companies and organizations to post solutions featuring their green products or services in order to reach a fast-growing audience. A company’s solutions can be validated and reviewed by the community lending credibility to an audience frequently concerned with “Green Washing.” Creative Citizen is free to use and has plans to donate portions of its revenue to environmental philanthropies.

“Creative Citizen equips individuals and communities to become more efficient with their resources and therefore more responsible global citizens,” said Scott Badenoch, CEO of Creative Citizen. He added, “Our goal is to help each person see that little, daily acts have truly global effects and while we know that no one citizen can know everything about living responsibly on this planet, our goal is to harness the ever-evolving wealth of environmental knowledge available…and each Creative Citizen is essential to our success.”

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